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February 14,2006             Issue #1

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Feature Article

blah blah goes here - usually more than one ?

What's New

blank if no new news - but it could also contain a link to the current meeting minutes - depends on the type of web site.

Guest Article

blank if no article for this period

Classified (or Sponsors)

Forum Link (to the onsite forum)
Forum would contain Classified Section (and Sponsors Information for some types of web sites).
i.e. this section could be a link to an online Forum - or the info could be included in this section of the newsletter.

Feedback Form

A link to the Feedback Forum Section.
i.e. this section could be a link to an online Forum - or a form could be embedded in the online page - or it could just be an email link (mailto).

Subscription and Archive

How to Subscribe (could be link to 'tell-a-friend' form)
How to Unsubscribe
Link to Newsletter Archives

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